Friday, July 07, 2006


One of the benefits of moving Fed2 to a new server is that it won't cost us so much to run the game. However, there is still a cost, and the only way we can pay that cost is if enough of you buy slithy toves. If you have ever heard the expressions TANSTAAFL, it stands for There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch (coined by the great science fiction author Robert Heinlein), and in the case of Fed2, there certainly ain't no such thing as a free internet connection, or free server rental.

So please, if you want to see the best game in the whole damn universe keep going, go and buy some slithies. You can make one-off purchases of anything between 2 and 10 slithies, at a cost of $5 per slithy, or you can take out a monthly subscription to pay 8 UK pounds (at today's exchange rate that's just a bit less than $15) and get four slithies each month - which in effect gives you a 25% discount.

Whichever method you choose, go to the extras page and buy some slithies.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006


This week's Fedpardy event, normally held on Tuesday evenings, is going to be at the earlier time of 4.00pm eastern. Because it is a holiday for Americans, holding the event during the afternoon means you will be able to play and then go out to watch the fireworks in the evening, while it will also give players from the UK and other European countries a chance to join the fun.

Join Fancy for afternoon Fedpardy on July 4, at 4.00pm eastern.

Also this week, Squeeky plans something special for his Fed Word Scramble event on Thursday at 10.00pm eastern. He has a slithy tove to give away, and staff are prohibited from playing... more than that, he won't say, so you'll just have to come along and find out what he's up to!

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New in today are two new infrastructure builds for planet-owners: the first two education builds, schools and agricultural colleges.

Schools are the basic education facility, the backbone of the whole system, teaching children the basic literacy and numeracy they need and ensuring that future citizens are educated up to a minimum level.

Schools are another of those builds that don't actually do anything on their own, but are necessary for other things. You will need to build schools before you can promote: one school per level is required before your planet's economy can advance (your planet cannot move to resource level unless it has at least two schools, to industrial level without three schools, etc). Schools used for these purposes will be allocated as general schools.

In addition, you need schools to build higher education facilities. Schools used for this will be allocated as college feeders. Most of the higher education facilities will require four schools (the exception is the biological research lab, which has special requirements).

You can build a school at any time, and the command is 'BUILD SCHOOL'. The details of this build can be found in the Idiot's Guide at

An Agricultural College provides the agricultural specialists needed to improve the productivity of the agricultural sector. In practical terms, it gives a one-off boost in efficiency to the production of all agricultural commodities, increasing them by 8%.

You can only build one agricultural college, and it needs at least four schools to sustain its intake of students. It can be built at agri or resource levels, and it ceases to have any effect at technological level. The command is 'BUILD AGRICOLLEGE'. Read about it in the Idiot's Guide at

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Friday, June 16, 2006


If you have ever visited the Olde Earth Taproom on Mercury, the bar that celebrates all kinds of things from Earth's ancient cultural heritage, you may have spotted that there is a set of dice on the bar. Perhaps you have even rolled the dice to see what comes up. The more larcenous amongst you may have attempted to take the dice, but been prevented by the scowling waitdroid.

Well now the waitdroid won't stop you. It is resigned to the fact that patrons of the bar have light fingers, and now has a large box of dice available, so if you pick up the set on the bar, they can be replaced.

As a result, you can carry the dice away with you to roll wherever you are. Or at least, until the next reset!

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Monday, June 12, 2006


Gallagher's put its new monthly charm on sale yesterday and caused an uproar amongst the rich and famous of the Solar System. Generally a byword for expensive and tasteful gifts that become status symbols to those that inhabit the higher reaches of the social stratosphere, the new keyring accessory doesn't fit the usual pattern at all.

It is a tin foil hat, seemingly made of crumpled up silver foil. As usual, it costs a slithy tove to purchase (BUY TIN FOIL HAT) but it clearly only costs a couple of groats to throw together. This is in contrast to previous offerings, which have included an emerald, an apple blossom made from white gold, and several hi-tech items containing hologram images.

We spoke to Mrs Wendy Rich-Grately, a socialite who is usually to be found playing the tables in the Casino on the moon and partaking of the exclusive entertainments in that expensive resort. "Frankly, my dears, I am shocked," she said, "shocked and stunned at the seeming change in policy at Gallagher's. I shall be speaking to dear Anton about it next time we meet for luncheon. After all, one has ones standards to maintain; until now, it was my ambition to own every single one of those adorable charms, but I am not sure I can bring myself to adorn my person with such a tacky item." Pointing to the window display at the Earth store, she continued, "I know many of my best pals feel the same. I can't imagine what Gallagher's hopes to achieve, and I am sure they will come to regret their lack of good taste."

We asked Gallagher's for an official statement about the reasons behind their sale of the new, somewhat downmarket, charm. They refused to comment other than saying that every item on sale in the store was manufactured to the same high quality. We did discover, however, that Anton Gallagher, who usually approves the designs before they are put on sale, is away on vacation right now leaving oversight of the store to an assistant. Perhaps that explains the sudden shocking fall in standards.

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Monday, May 29, 2006


Clinics that were built on the first day after the new code was added to the game all suffered a mysterious accident, and vanished when the game reset the next day. At first rampaging workthings were suspecting of having committed arson against these new facilities, for reasons unknown, but then it was discovered that the error was in the Galactic Administration Health Service's records keeping department: the existence of the new clinics was not being registered correctly in the log of official medical facilities which had recently been upgraded to a new computer system by a firm of outsourced technicians. The buildings thus had no legal existence and were deemed to be "orphaned" with no official owner or purpose, and were demolished by scavengers.

The record-keeping error was fixed the next day so that new clinics were correctly registered, and didn't vanish. The Galactic Administration was forced to hand out 10-meg checks to compensate POs for their missing clinics. They are believed to be considering pursuing a claim against the contractors whose shoddy work caused this error.

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Monday, May 22, 2006


Over a year ago, we made the decision to stop charging money for Fed and
allow you to play for free. However, the costs did not stop - we still have to
pay out money every month to maintain the servers that the game and the
web site run on, and to connect the servers to the internet.

We fund those costs by selling you slithy toves which you buy with real
dollars. Those dollars pay for the development and maintenance of
Federation II. You can use the slithies in the game to get various useful and
fun goodies, such as a navigational computer that moves you automatically
between Sol planets, and a keyring that lets you into the Galactic
Administration HQ's executive washroom.

We really do want to keep the game free, but we'll only be able to do that if
people buy slithies. You can make one-off purchases, or subscribe and make
regular payments in return for slithies each month. Please go to the extras
page at and help us keep
Fed free.

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Thursday, May 11, 2006


With the advent of planetary infrastructure builds, there is suddenly a need for groats in the treasury in order to fund all the improvements. A well-run planet should of course have plenty of spare cash in order to pay for builds, but sometimes there just isn't enough to do everything you want to do.

Planet-owners' personal bank balances, on the other hand, are sometimes sloshing with excess groats, particularly if they have been hauling their own commods off and selling them to other exchanges. This, of course, risks attracting the attention of the taxman, always on the look out for excess groats he can squeeze for tax.

So POs have been getting increasingly vocal in their wish to be able to move money from their personal bank balances into their planet's treasuries. A recent deputation of powerful out-of-Sol Fedders visited the Galactic Administration HQ on Earth recently to lobby for a change in the regulations. Opposing them were a consortium of Sol-based bankers, who certainly don't want to see groats slipping out of accounts they handle, and the bureaucrats from the revenue service, who like all available groats to be kept in Sol where it is easily countable and taxable.

Normally, in a battle between the GA and individuals, the GA wins without breaking a sweat. After all, they are the government and they make the rules, so of course they are going to pass laws that benefit their interests and not those of the people. But in this case, the POs had an ally that swung things in their favor - the Galactic Trading Guild.

The Guild actually doesn't care whether money is kept in Sol or outside, but they do have an interest in making sure their core members - Merchants and Traders - are not disadvantaged. And recently they have been concerned at the power POs can wield when hauling their surpluses. It would suit them if POs' money was not used to trade on the exchanges, but instead used to build infrastructure.

So with this powerful lobbying force on their side, the POs were able to persuade the GA to amend the law. The revenue department grudgingly agreed when they were offered a compromise: yes, they would allow money to be transferred to planet treasuries, but a super-tax would be applied at a rate of one-third.

The command to move money from your personal bank account to your planet's treasury is 'TRANSFER megagroats', where 'megagroats' is the number of meg that you want to shift. There is no limit on the amount you can transfer in one go. The one-third tax rate will apply, so if you transfer 3 meg, the planet will get 2 meg and the other 1 meg will go to the rapacious revenooers.

Incidentally, this facility really was lobbied for by planet-owners - it was a suggestion made recently by a player. So it is worth making suggestions, because we do listen!

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